Reinsurance and Other Participation Options

F&I products not only supply a significant source of high-margin income to their operations, but there are also several options that a dealer has in structuring their receipt of this income, for managing their personal and business goals. Many dealerships nationwide are leaving essential profits "on the table" by not offering their own VSC, Gap, Theft, etc. 

Our profit programs offer income protection and profit-sharing, key financial elements which make our programs stand out.

Reinsurance Company Ownership

Our program offers the full experience of the underwriting performance on the book of business the dealer writes. Reinsurance ownership provides attractions beyond what can be attained through a non-participation program; it has the potential to create substantial wealth.

Reinsurance arrangements through Mid-South Dealer Services typically are set up whereby a dealer or group of dealers forms its own company, usually in the Turks and Caicos Islands or other offshore jurisdiction, and qualifies this company to accept reinsurance business from a U.S. insurer. Our Reinsurance program allows the dealership to participate in 100% of the underwriting and 100% of the investment income. Our complete focus for the dealer is to create a long-term wealth position with significant economic and tax advantages.

profit sharing

With our Earnings Elite plan, dealers participate in a retro program which enables them to profit in three unique ways:

  1. A bonus based on the volume of contract written.
  2. The bonus increases as written contract volume grows. A profit-sharing bonus based on the underwriting profits of the business a dealer writes.
  3. Investment income on the reserves held to pay claims.