Lifetime Engine & Powertrain Programs

Why Lifetime Engine?

First of all the program is fully insured by

The Lifetime Engine Warranty is a proven program to increase sales and differentiate your dealership from it's competition by rewarding your customer for their loyalty with a Lifetime Engine Warranty.

Will it increase service?
Yes, by encouraging your customers to use your Service Department to keep the warranty in effect.

Will it increase customer loyalty?
Yes, every customer will receive a loyalty card designed by you, with benefits rewarding your customer toward the purchase of a new vehicle at your dealership provided that they continue to use your service department.

Can I use this in my reinsurance company?
Yes. The program is designed to be in compliance for profit-sharing & reinsurance purposes.

Who installs the product?
Your dealership, with the first oil change and annually thereafter to keep your customers in front of your service writers.

Is the program legal in my state?
Most likely, The Lifetime Engine Warranty is compliant in most states.

What is the cost?
Less than $200 for the entire life of the enrolled vehicle.

How much does it cost me to get started?
Absolutely nothing!*

*See Dealer Agreement

Warranty Forever   

Similar to our Lifetime Engine warranty program, except that protection is also provided for the Drivetrain 

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It's protection that keeps your customers returning to your dealership for ALL manufacturer recommended vehicle and tire maintenance. It's that simple.

We provide all the necessary support, registration forms,
remittances, and marketing materials.